Here, there, everywhere.

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Just a handful of pieces and projects since the last update.
Also, I have set up a tumblr account that gets more regular update NORTHERN BUILT TUMBLR
And if that’s not enough for you I have an Instagram, which you can follow for up to date tattooing and happenings NORTHERN BUILT INSTAGRAM












Much gone before, much more to come

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It’s been a while… Much has happened and much is yet to occur.
For those who care or are interested please keep an eye on this blog as it will be much more regularly updated. Pictures and text to follow.

Working on new sheets of flash. The tattoos made from these sheets will be exclusive to New Skool tattoos in Ewell West, Surrey.

Short trip up North

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Sees us filling up a little more space on Joels arm.

Hannya we just drew on there to fit the space a little better.

Fudo Myoo

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Started on Simons back… much more to follow..

Update.. Bit of this, bit of that…

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Hanya & Kyosai

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Just a couple of fun tattoos i did this week.

This weekend i will be attending the Edinburgh tattoo convention. Come say hi, get a little something done or you can even just stand slack jawed and gawk at the wonder and magic of the Evil booth.

More angry

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Days off hanging out at the studio are great when you get these kinda walk ins to do.