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Erik got this today before travelling back to Mexico tomorrow.

Bit of a shine on this picture but you get the idea.



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Got some colour in on Marks knee on Monday, looks pretty pissed, the way demons should i reckon.

begining with more to come then eventually an end

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Just a couple of snaps of one in progress, some drawn on some stenciled and some from flash…The rose is an existing piece from kaleidoscope in Sydney…

More to follow..

Little bird

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Just a swallow on the foot, simple but always effective.

just a few..

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New tattoos.

This one is one part of a sleeve in progress, mostly rockabilly inspired images.. Hot rods, flames, roses and an iron cross thrown in there. More pics to follow when it’s fully complete.


Just some lines from some old Percy Waters flash…

From now on, for the rest of 2011 I will be taking more photographs of tattoos with an actual camera… Resolution.

heads i win, tails you lose… go!

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Just the two photos of the one tattoo…

A couple more!

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Some progress on the chrysanthemum 1/2 sleeve