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Here, there, everywhere.

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Just a handful of pieces and projects since the last update.
Also, I have set up a tumblr account that gets more regular update NORTHERN BUILT TUMBLR
And if that’s not enough for you I have an Instagram, which you can follow for up to date tattooing and happenings NORTHERN BUILT INSTAGRAM












Short trip up North

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Sees us filling up a little more space on Joels arm.

Hannya we just drew on there to fit the space a little better.

A couple more!

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Some progress on the chrysanthemum 1/2 sleeve

been a while

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So I realise i have not been keeping very up to date with this blog and that was not the intention. I set this up to keep myself motivated to take more photographs of my work and other potentially interesting things i have done or seen.
To cut to the chase; here are a few new things I have done/ made a little progress on since last I posted.


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Today was the start of this half sleeve, we still have a little space to be filled on the inner part of the piece but we will see that off in the next session along with some shading.

Quest for Content

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Recently it has struck me that, not only did i need to create this blog but that i also need to photograph my work more regularly.

I’m hoping that by having this blog it will give me a greater reason to document more of the tattoos and other art work i produce.

For now the moment, here is a tattoo currently in progress, inspired by a Hokusai Print