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So after charging the battery for my camera today, i found out that it was actually just broken… Great.

So I’ve just dug around on my hard drive and found some pictures of some old flash, mostly from unknown artists, I’m not even sure whether any of these sheets have links or lineage to one another.

If anyone can shed any light on who any of these were made by that would be great.

A few more images retrieved that might be of relevance or interest..

Stoney St. Clair

Tattoo Jack – 1942

Bert Grimm

Some old biker art that I’m sure i found on someone else’s blog quite possibly White Knights In The House of Kolor

NECK FACE “King Diamond’s like my Dad”




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Did this one the other day but I only managed to snap a photo of it on the phone as my camera battery was kaput.
Just a panther, straight-up, is what it is…

Tribal Throat Cover-up

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Today i had the pleasure of putting this tattoo on Dave from Birmingham. He and his wife come down regularly and have had alot of work done by several artists at Evil from the Needle and i am proud to now be one of them.

Dave has a lot of ongoing work and i hope to carry this piece round to the back to cover more old, unwanted tattoos.

..What we had to cover..

What we covered it with..

Healed pictures to follow…


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Just a shot from Friday when i started the chrysanthemum 1/2 sleeve…


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“I’m looking to put something more around this tattoo”

We will be putting a rose over the sharks/dolphins at a later date but for now I think the two heads are a good start.

Hopefully get some better pictures of these when they are healed along with the rose cover-up.


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Today was the start of this half sleeve, we still have a little space to be filled on the inner part of the piece but we will see that off in the next session along with some shading.

A bit of this an that

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Just a few tattoos I’ve managed to remember to photograph recently. The peacock I finished just yesterday, hopefully Grace will come by when it’s all healed and i can get a picture of it then.

This owl is one of a pair, Paul came and got both sides of his ribs tattooed in the one day and is now sitting healing the tattoos while on jury service. Hopefully I’ll get a healed photograph of both of them when he drops by again.